Telephone Directory Service

Quick NumbersQuick Numbers is an online telephone directory & call routing service. Our service makes it easier for you to search the internet and find a contact number that connects you to the Organisations customer service departments. All phone numbers we rout our numbers to are constantly checked to maintain a quality service.

All calls to 084 Numbers are charged at 5p per minute and 087 numbers are charged at 10p per minute from a Bt land-line, calls from other networks and mobiles may cost you more.

Quick Numbers is not associated with or affiliated to the organisations it routes the calls to, some of the information we hold may be found within the public domain.

Quick Numbers will not charge an initial connection charge, but you phone provider might, not like other telephone based directory services that can cost you up to £2.05p for a 45 second telephone call, from a land-line or if you use a mobile to call the directory service and are put through to the organisation you wish to speak too, it could cost you up-to £12.24, click here to read more about call charges.