HMRC Phone Number

HMRC Phone Number 0843 455 0092.

HMRC Phone Number

Otherwise known as HM Revenue & Customs, the HMRC is the main governmental taxation office within the United Kingdom. This organisation is involved with the collection and regulation of all taxes. Their self-stated goal is to make certain that money is available to fund public and private services throughout the country as well as to help individuals and families who need financial support in times of hardship.

As this institution covers such a wide area, it only makes sense that there is an HMRC phone number for those who may have any questions. Still, let us take a look at a handful of the basic functions that this agency performs.

HMRC Contact Number 0843 455 0092.

The Self Assessment.
A self-assessment is another term for the act of filing a personal tax return. This may often be the most logical, for it can save a substantial amount of money as opposed to hiring a tax attorney or financial adviser. There is a great deal of information on the website including:

  • How to determine if a self-assessment is the correct choice.
  • How to register for a self-assessment.
  • Free software for completing the form.
  • Student loan questions.

PAYE Taxation.
Another area supported by this organisation is what is known as PAYE taxes. These are those which are designed to be used by businesses and employers. As before, there are a number of metrics covered within this programme. Some of the most common questions are which employers ane businesses are exempt from filing, how to register as an employer and the basics to understand when employing individuals for the first time. As this area can be confusing, there is always a general HMRC contact number that can help in answering additional questions.

Regulatory Concerns.
While the HMRC is obviously involved with taxation issues, it is also responsible for enforcing current rules and regulation. Additionally, they are concerned with reforms in areas such as personal tax as well as the labour market as a whole. The HMRC finally specialises in tax evasion and avoidance; helping to recuperate lost funds and penalising those who may have committed tax fraud.

These are only a few of the most important functions that this organisation addresses. For those who wish to learn more or if there are additional questions, it is wise to call the HMRC phone number and speak with a representative. Click here to register for HMRC services. Refunds for people who the HMRC got there tax code wrong.