Phone Number Tax Credits

Phone Number Tax Credits 0843 455 0127.

phone number tax credits

UK Government Tax Credits Explained.

Tax credits from the UK Government. Are available to top up the income of many people on low wages. To help families on low wages with additional money in the form of child tax credits.

Additional benefits offered under the tax credit system include. Extra money for claimants who have disabilities. Assistance for working parents to access child nurseries by way of a voucher scheme. The phone number for tax credits is 0843 455 0127.

Some groups qualifying for tax credits. Include young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who have a child. Or a qualifying disability and people aged 25 and above who may or may not have children. All claimants must work a minimum number of hours each week and get paid for the work carried out. Wages need to be under a certain threshold in addition to the above.

Anybody who thinks they may be entitled to tax credits can use the tax credits calculator which is a quick and easy way to find out whether you are entitled to tax credits and will give you a rough estimation of how much you could receive.

Claimants then need to complete tax credits claim form and send it back to the Tax Credit office. Once any claim has been assessed the claimant is advised of just how much will be paid and this can be received on a weekly or four weekly bases. Phone the tax credits number 0843 455 0127 for more information.

Tax Credits Phone Number 0843 455 0127.

Parents of children under the age of 16 will receive child tax credits in addition to any child benefit already payable to them. When a child is over the age of 16 the tax credits payments will continue up until the young person reaches the age of 20, just so long as they remain in approved education or training programmes.

Anybody who has a baby will find that tax credits provide a real boost to income and can be applied for straight after the child is born.

Claimants who already receive tax credits will receive an annual claims renewal form which requires them to provide details of all income and taxable benefits received in the previous year. This is to make sure that tax credits have not been overpaid at all.

If you think you are entitled to tax credits there are a few ways you can check. You can use the Turn2us website, where you put in your details and the calculator will give you an idea of how much you may get.

When you find out what you are entitled to, phone the tax credits number and start your claim. The citizen’s advice has got some good info on their website too.

If you need more information phone the tax credits number on 0345 300 3900.

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