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Tax Credit Helpline 0843 455 0127.

Tax Credit Helpline

HMRC tax credits offer help to people on low incomes. You must either work for 16 or more hours a week in low-paid employment or require extra help to care for your children. These payments may also be available if your partner is in a similar position. The two types of tax credits are known as working tax credit and child tax credit.

Tax credits can be claimed by people who live in the UK and who are over 16. The government’s tax credit helpline, which can be contacted on 0843 455 0127, a textphone service is available on 0345 300 3909. The lines are open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. Since the service is in high demand, it’s best to call on midweek mornings.

Your UK residency must be free of restrictions on your job or benefit status, and you must usually be “ordinarily resident” in the country. In the case of child tax credit, you must also have a permanent right to reside in the UK under British or European law. Note that if you have a partner, they must also fulfil these requirements.

Tax Credit Contact Number 0843 455 0127.

If you have “worker status” in the European Economic Area, you’ll also be eligible for working tax credit. Normally, you will need to have been in a steady job for at least three months, earning enough to pay National Insurance contributions. Exceptions are sometimes made: you should check with the tax credit helpline if you are unsure whether you qualify.

Child tax credit is available even if you do not have a job since it is income-based You can also claim it if you are a student. It is paid until the end of the August after your child turns 16, or 20 if in full-time education. Child tax credit starts at £545 a year, with an extra £2,780 added for each child. Further payments are usually made if you have a disabled child.

Working tax credit starts at £1,960 per year, with a further payment if you have an eligible partner or if are a lone parent. You can also get help with 70% of your childcare costs up to a prescribed threshold. There are additional payments if you or your partner work full-time or if you or your child has a disability. Check with the tax credit helpline regarding your specific circumstances.

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You can use the Tax credits calculator to see how much you will be entitled too, also you can
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