Tax Office Phone Number

Tax Office Phone Number 0843 455 0092.

Tax Office Phone NumberHer Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is the department responsible for the collection of taxes, payment of some types of state support, as well as the administration of other regulatory regimes such as the minimum wage.

To contact them, you can use your tax office number 0843 455 0092.

You can pay your taxes either with a debit card or by direct debit.

Duties that should be paid to HMRC are:
  • Alcohol duties.
  • Capital Gains tax.
  • Child benefits and tax credits repayments.
  • Construction industry scheme (through PAYE).
  • Corporation tax.
  • Gambling duties.
  • Income tax and national insurance.
  • Inheritance tax.
  • Insurance premium tax.
  • Money laundering regulation fees.
  • PAYE.
  • Pension schemes.
  • Property tax.
  • Shares.
  • Transport and environmental duties.
  • VAT.
  • Other payments (taxes, penalties, inquiry settlements, Certificate of Tax Deposit scheme, Intrastate penalties).

If you’re having problems paying your taxes on time, please call your local tax office number.

Tax Office Phone Number 0843 455 0092.

You can deposit money with HMRC to pay taxes owed in the future. You qualify if:
  • You are an individual
  • An individual in a partnership, and pay liabilities that solely apply to you and your partner
  • A company
  • A personal representative of a deceased individual’s estate
  • If you are a trustee, to pay the trust’s liabilities
The deposit can be used to pay the following:
  • Self-assessed income tax.
  • Class 4 National Insurance contributions.
  • Capital Gains Tax, although there are some exceptions – please call the HMRC number for additional information.
  • Corporation Tax (series 6 certificates or earlier).
  • Petroleum Revenue Tax.
  • Petroleum Royalty.
  • Inheritance Tax.
Your deposits with HMRC will collect daily interest if the total amount is more than £100,000 from the date shown on your Certificate of Tax Deposit until whichever of the following happens first:
  • The due date of the tax liability you pay (in full or part) using the deposit.
  • The date you withdraw your deposit for cash.
  • Six years after the date on your certificate.

You can leave the deposit beyond the six years, but no interest will be paid after the sixth anniversary.

A first deposit must be at least £500. If you need more information, please call your local HMRC office. Or you can log in here if you have your user ID and password to hand otherwise call the tax office number 0843 455 0092 to make a payment by phone. You can also register for online services here.