Thames Water Phone Number

Thames Water phone number 0843 455 0163.

Thames Water Phone NumberServing over 10 million clients in Wales and England alone, it’d be amazing to know how many of its clients utilise the Thames water phone number. They are arguably one of the largest water and wastewater services companies in the United Kingdom.

Though privatisation in 1989. Certain key aspects of its operation remain under tight government supervision. Partly because of the company’s position as a key provider of essential utility services within the region. In 2001, the company was bought by the RWE Group. It was later sold in 2006 to the Kemble Water Ltd.

Before the 19th century, water suppliers to London and its environs had operated on a very small scale. Subsequently, an increase in population and a rise in the industry meant that Londoners could no longer rely on the services of these indigenous utility providers to meet its needs. This gave rise to a network of supply systems. With both local and private waterwork companies building technologically advanced water reservoirs, dams and aqueducts to meet the increase in demand.

With the advent of its privatisation in 1989. Thames Water Authority became Thames Water Plc. However, this newly privatised company remained strongly under the government’s scrutiny. The company had a set ceiling on the amount it could charge its customers. Additionally, it was stipulated that Thames Water must meet the standards of the European Commission. As well as meet the requirements of UK law regarding pollution control and water quality.

Thames Water Contact Number 0843 455 0163.

According to the Office of Water Services (Ofwat) – a UK Government regulatory agency, as at 2016. All water and sewage companies in the country, Thames Water was the second cheapest provider of residential water and sewage in the United Kingdom. Also, since 2007, the company has invested millions of pounds towards its infrastructural development. Without having to use the Thames water phone number, some of these projects include; the Thames Water Ring Main – which runs through the whole of London, the proposed London Tideway Tunnel system and the proposed Abingdon reservoir in Oxfordshire. As of 2014, the company’s revenues had grown more than £1.5 billion.

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