Vanquis Contact Number

Vanquis Contact Number 0843 455 0068.

Vanquis Contact Number

Vanquis Bank, established in 2003 as a credit card company. Whose focus was to provide a responsible lending option to an under-served credit market. Mainly, by using the Vanquis contact phone number. UK residents with limited credit history could get approval for a VISA credit card. Also, as part of the Provident Financial Group, it offers a range of high yielding savings bonds.

Its history dates back to early 2003 – when it was licensed for Consumer Credit by the OFT. The following year, it got the approval of the Financial Services Authority, and by 2005 it had expanded and set-up its headquarters in London. The company’s popularity soared – thanks to effective marketing and advertising. The easy access to the Vanquis contact phone number also contributed to an increase in patronage.

As part of its re-branding strategy in 2009, Vanquis launched a more extensive range of credit cards, and this led to them winning the Credit Provider of the Year at the Credit Today Awards. This award consistently held from 2010 – 2012. Between those years, Vanquis was able to set-up a new call centre in Bradford, it received its passport banking license – enabling it to run its business in Poland, and also got authorisation from the FSA for its high yield bond products.

Vanquis Phone Number 0843 455 0068.

In 2010, Vanquis posted revenues of more than 160 million pounds. This went a long way in strengthening the end-of-year figures for the Provident Financial Group as a whole. Over the years, Vanquis Bank has become a force to be reckoned with in the credit card market.

The two significant cards it offers are the Aquis Card and the Vanquis Card. Depending on the credit situation of the applicant, the APR of the Vanquis Card varies from 39.9% to 59.9%, while that of the Aquis Card is pegged at 29.8%. Both cards are licensed by VISA.

Today, the company’s head office is located at 12 Arthur Street, in London. The sites surrounding this area are noted to have uncovered numerous historical artefacts – dating as far back as the 2nd century. Considering the mass appeal gotten from the availability of the Vanquis contact phone number, the company now operates a UK based call centre in Chatham, Kent.

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Vanquis Bank Registered Office.
1 Godwin Street,
West Yorkshire,
BD1 2SU.