Wonga Contact Phone Number

Wonga Contact Number 0843 455 0078.

Wonga Contact NumberWonga is a UK money lending service offering short-term loans to those in financial need. Established as a company in 2007, Wonga entered the financial market offering unsecured loans to those who find it difficult to secure finance from a traditional high street lender. Wonga aims to offer a flexible product which allows customers to tailor their amount of borrowing to suit their needs. Mainly an online company, there is also a Wonga contact number, which is 0843 455 0078.

Although there have been some difficulties with Wonga’s short-term loan product, the company have now adapted and changed their lending criteria in order to prevent those who cannot afford to make repayments from borrowing more than they can afford.

Wonga offers their product across several countries worldwide including Spain, South Africa, Poland and Canada. Wonga aims to make the lending process as transparent as possible. By ensuring that customers are clearly aware of how much they are borrowing, how much they will pay back, and how long the loan period will be. You can apply quickly, and easily online. And you will receive an automated decision. The outcome of which depends on your supplied information and data from credit check agencies. Checks with credit reference agencies are intended to weed out applicants who cannot meet monthly repayments, however, those who do experience difficulty paying should call.

The Wonga number on 0843 455 0078.

First-time applicants to Wonga can ask for a loan from £40 up to £400. Those who have had a Wonga loan before can apply for up to £1,000. Customers have the flexibility to adjust the period of time they wish to borrow money for. From 1 day, up to 37 days. It is made clear to customers that they should not take out a Wonga loan to manage existing debts. You should seriously consider whether or not you can repay the money in time. The website also has a section that offers debt advice to those in need of financial guidance.

Accounts are managed online and there is a Frequently Asked Questions section on the website to enable customers to find out more information about applying for a loan, making payments and covering a range of other financial areas. Anyone with further queries should call the Wonga phone number for more advice or if you have a Wonga account you can click here to login. Free online debt advice is always available to read more