Working Tax Credit Phone Number

Working Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127.

working tax credit phone numberWorking Tax Credits were introduced in April 2003. They are a means-tested state benefit made to people who work and have a low income.

Unlike most benefits, this is paid from HM Revenues and Customs. It is estimated that over 7 million people in the UK are entitled to claim, it is possible to check your eligibility online, or via the Working Tax Credit number.

Payments are made straight to your bank or building society account, every week or 4 weeks. Use this online calculator to see how much you may get.

If your circumstances change, it may affect the amount you get, so you must inform the Tax Credits as soon as things change.

Can I get Tax Credits?
Tax Credits depend on your circumstances and income. You may be entitled to claim if:

  • You’re aged 16-24 and have a child, or you have a qualifying disability.
  • You are over 25 years old with or without children.

However, you must:

  • Work a certain number of hours each week.
  • Get paid for the work that you do.
  • Have an income below a certain level.

How can I claim?
To process a claim for Tax Credit, you must initially complete a claim form. A claim form can be obtained from HMRC website, or by contacting the Tax Credit phone number.

Tax Credit Office 0843 455 0127.

How much will I receive?
If you are entitled to a Working Tax Credit payment, the amount you are paid is determined by your circumstances and income. Payments are calculated on your previous year’s income and your current circumstances. Any payments due are paid directly to your chosen bank or building society account, every week or every four weeks.

Once you receive Working Tax Credits, the payments you receive may go up or down. Your claim will be renewed once a year; The HMRC will send you a form, where you must declare your previous year’s earnings and current circumstances. However, If your circumstances change, such as you change address, job, salary or your living arrangements alter, you must inform HMRC as soon as possible, as they will need to review your payments straight away. Any over payment will result in a request for repayment, so it is best to inform them immediately. If you need to advise HMRC of any changes you should contact them via the Working Tax Credit phone number, and update your claim.

The HMRC tax credits number will answer questions about tax child credits, working tax credits and any other HMRC credits questions, so call the tax credits helpline on 0843 455 0127 for tax credits help.

If you are writing to inform us of a name or address change, mark your envelope ‘Change of circumstance.’
If you are sending a complaint, please put ‘Complaint’ at the top of the letter.

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax credits.

PR1 4AT.
Phone: 0843 455 0127.

This address is for new claims.

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office.

L75 1AZ.
Phone: 0843 455 0127.

All Tax Credits renewal forms send too.

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office.

Comben House,
Farriers Way,
L75 1AX.
Phone: 0843 455 0127.